We have no interest in influencing the products, vendors or custodians that you prefer to employ in your practice. As long as your recommendations are suitable and in your client’s best interest,  you will be free to run your business as you like.

We also understand that every practice is different and it is incumbent upon us to accommodate you. When it comes to your unique business niche, marketing approach or outside activities, consider us partners.  Barring any conflict of interest or regulatory concerns, we will be behind you all the way.

Moreover, we realize that your practice is your property and that is reflected in our rep contract. If the time should come when you decide to move or sell your practice, we will do everything possible to help facilitate the transfer. You will find this commitment reflected in our representative contract and privacy policy. That is the strength of our commitment.

We are confident that when you work with good people and treat them well, independence is never a threat - it is an asset.

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